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B2B Selling - Useful info


If you have suggestions for additions to this free info, or for other types of useful info, please mention them to us, and we'll add them in.  Your peers will appreciate your ideas!


Knowledge is a first step.  Using it is where you get results.  Using often isn't easy.

For help with the using, contact Dan Harris at MAP, dan.harris (at mark)


Recommended books


Click here for a list of dozens of books related to B2B selling that can help you improve your own sales results, and the results of your whole sales department.   'Knowing' is a first step; 'doing' is often harder.  MAP can help you with implementing the knowledge.



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Is CRM Workable?


Selling Complex Products to Japanese businesses

   -- this topic is covered thoroughly in the MAP book 'B2B Selling in Japan' --


Why Ichiro Can't Sell




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