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MAP specializes in training and systems that improve your sales department's results in selling complex products or services to businesses in N. America, Japan & Asia, Europe and globally.



B2B sales training and infrastructure


We start at where you are now, and help you move your sales staff performance up, phase by phase.  MAP’s experienced consultants - fully bilingual - do a comprehensive analysis of your present structure and processes, leading to a set of graduated, phased action steps that facilitate implementation and results.      


We consider follow-up and follow-through to be essential to successful implementation – until something new becomes habit and routine, it hasn’t been really implemented.  Have you held training programs, seen a spike up in results for a few months, only to fade back?  Any actions taken must become long-term habits, and we will follow up to help you make that happen.


Our background and experience are solidly grounded in the basics of field selling. You benefit from over 30 years of direct selling and sales management, sales support and training. We are especially strong in global settings, particularly Japan and Asia.


MAP focuses on core sales skills, methods and tasks. We are hands on. We don’t go for the easy, quick (and usually quick-disappearing) fix.


We analyze your selling environment and current selling process, your people and their competencies, to uncover basic steps your staff can use to sell more business. We keep following up to ensure that recommended steps become repeatable habits.


We work with every section related to the selling process to uncover areas for immediate improvement.


We'd be happy to discuss what improvements we can help you implement at your firm.  At no charge, of course


The MAP philosophy


MAP approaches corporate selling with these fundamental observations :                             


Daily work habits have great impact on results. Habits are not changed overnight – your staff have to keep at it, day in and day out, for months. Your middle-level sales team leaders are key - what they use daily, over the months and years, largely determine what results you get.


Simple steps, started now, can be more practical and implementable than expensive radical systems changes or one-time seminars. Ongoing follow-up, with top management (= you!) attentiveness, is needed for the habits to take root and not fade away. What gets measured gets done.


Your sales group must focus on the basics of the selling process. Sales methods and skills must be clear, structured, repeatable, understandable.


Daily / weekly / monthly planning by each sales executive is essential, and must be matched with the short and long term strategic goals of your company both in Japan and at headquarters. The selling sequence must reflect the client’s buying process and your company’s product / price / target market strategy in each country.


All parts of your organization must meld together and support the sales effort. The sales executive must understand how his or her activity coordinates with others in your operation. The expectations and role of everyone in your organization should be clear and specific, and preferably summarized in a sales manual.


We can stop by to discuss your situation, goals and frustrations. You can reach Dan Harris, principal, at the email below.


Book: 'B2B Selling in Japan'

This detailed manual is based on the experiences of practitioners (mostly non-Japanese) with many years of hard-slog B2B sales activity in the Japan business environment.


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