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    B2B Selling in Japan  Ways to increase your sales


If you sell business to business in Japan, this book will give you numerous insights and ideas on how to sell more.

Japan veteran Dan Harris takes you through the basics, linking global best practices to the nuances of the Japanese business setting with numerous examples.  He puts all this into 'real' contexts with insightful interviews of several non-Japanese salesmen and managers who have succeeded in Japanese B2B markets.

'B2B Selling in Japan' gets beyond the myths and conventional wisdom to what actually works.

Receive your own copy, to learn and adopt its myriad fruitful techniques at your own pace.  Send an email to Dan Harris indicating which version you want:

- Free PDF version, for immediate delivery and usage.

- Print version is available for 3500 yen, including postal shipping, with payment through Paypal.


188 pages.  Published in 2008 by MAP.

About the author:  Dan Harris is a principal at MAP, a Tokyo-based training and coaching firm that focuses on B2B sales, international business skills, and executive functioning in English.  Dan has 30+ years in international business, with a focus on B2B sales and sales support in several industries.  He received his BA from Sophia University in Tokyo, and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Section topics::


Prototypical prospects

A framework for judging advice

An overview of sales methodologies

Methods as distinct from style

Selling value

The importance of building trust

Japanese business "style"

Lead generation

Cold calling / first contact

Referrals / networking

Marketing / promotion

Getting to / relating to the decision maker

Working with gatekeepers

First meeting

Questioning techniques

Moving the process along



Team selling

Pipeline (funnel) management

Lead cultivation / nurturing


Repeat & expanded sales

CRM systems

Sales management:  recruiting, Compensation

What sales system is really being used?

Sales training:  how to waste your time & money



Performance improvement / Change management

Activity and performance tracking

Close the loop:  get poor performers out of sales


Real life: Champions, cascades and partners

Real life: Selling Sozon

Real life: Delivering the goods

Real life: The accidental salesman


Summary:  Putting it all together











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